In today's increasingly interconnected and digital ecosystem, businesses struggle to maintain accurate, unified customer profiles while simultaneously ensuring data privacy. Traditional identification methods like Personal Identification Information (PII) are no longer viable due to the potential risks they pose in terms of security and duplication. Enter V-PIN, the Veratad-Personal Identification Number, a revolutionary identification platform powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies.

The Problem with Traditional Methods

Businesses often collect and store large amounts of customer data, but lack a reliable way to maintain unique customer profiles. This causes a slew of problems, including:

  • Data Duplication: Multiple entries for the same customer clutter databases and make analytics unreliable.

  • Data Privacy: Sharing data between partners or even different departments within an organization can expose sensitive information.

  • Fraud Risks: Duplicated or false profiles open doors for various types of fraudulent activities.

What is V-PIN?

V-PIN is a sophisticated identification platform that solves these challenges by generating a unique ID for every individual customer. By leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, V-PIN analyzes a wide range of inputs from various data sources, creating a singular, identity for each user. The platform uses:

  • Machine Learning Technologies: Highly trained models that detect matches even with reduced data entry and slight discrepancies.

  • Proprietary Matching Platform: Our own state-of-the-art matching algorithm to correlate data points from different sources.

  • Trusted Data Sources: Integration with verified databases enriches the data, providing a more comprehensive profile of the individual.

Key Features


The generated V-PIN can be used across departments or even with external partners without risking data privacy, making data sharing seamless and secure.

Data Enrichment

By pulling in data from trusted, verified sources, V-PIN enriches the customer profile with accurate information, adding layers of context that businesses can use for analytics and decision-making.

Unparalleled Security

Instead of storing sensitive PII, V-PIN produces a unique ID that represents the customer, significantly reducing the risk of data exposure.

Anti-Fraud Capabilities

A unique V-PIN for each customer makes it easier to identify fraudulent activities by flagging inconsistent or duplicate profiles.

Use Cases

Partner Communication

Businesses can share V-PINs with partners or vendors to discuss customer preferences, behavior, or issues without exposing sensitive data.

Marketing Analytics

With a unique V-PIN, businesses can track customer interactions across platforms, enabling more accurate and personalized marketing strategies.

Fraud Prevention

By analyzing behaviors associated with V-PINs, businesses can more easily flag unusual activities, aiding in the early detection of fraud.


V-PIN represents a paradigm shift in the way businesses handle customer identification. With its unique combination of AI, machine learning, and trusted data sources, it not only ensures that every customer has a unique, secure identity, but it also brings a new level of sophistication to analytics, partnership collaboration, and fraud prevention.

By adopting V-PIN, businesses can enter a new era of data management, enhancing their capabilities while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.

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