Document Capture and Management Services

The DCAMS platform has two methods of integration and three major product families. All products are designed to validate, verify, store and manually review ID documents

Integration Methods

1. API

You may integrate any service below by directly connecting with one of the DCAMS API endpoints.

2. iFrame

With the iFrame, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get up and running with DCAMS. The iFrame is built to allow you to scan, review and store identity documents.



DCAMS is the storage system for identity documents. This system will allow you to securely store customer identity documents and allow your internal teams to review uploaded documents. The system is available via API endpoints or through a backend management system.


DCAMS+ is an API service to scan and verify identity documents. There are two services within this product:

  • DCAMSPLUS5.0 - this ID document scanning service will validate an identity document and match customer information to the document scanned.

  • DCAMSPLUS5.0.Enhanced - The enhanced service will do everything that the base service can do, but will also verify the identity document through security checks, match a selfie against the document and offers better coverage of non US based documents.


DCAMS+Manual is a service that includes the human review of an identity document.

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