Age verification via trusted and verified data sources in countries outside of the United States.

What countries are covered?

Click this link to see what countries are covered for the AgeMatch International Service.



Make an HTTPS POST request with the following body parameters to find out if the target meets your age requirement. You will receive a synchronous response in 2-3 seconds with a result object that includes an action and a detail.

Request Body

    "meta": {
        "confirmation": 71483084,
        "reference": "12345",
        "service": "AgeMatch5.0",
        "timestamp": "2019-10-17 14:29:48",
        "company": "Company ABC, Inc.",
        "user": ""
    "result": {
        "action": "PASS",
        "detail": "ALL CHECKS PASSED",
        "issues": []

When setting the service name you must view the data coverage section (linked above) and use the country name for your query. Therefore, in the majority of cases the service name will be something like:


But in certain cases where a country name has spaces i.e. the United Kingdom the service name will be like:


You will find all of the countries where there is an exception in the data coverage section of the documentation.

Sample Request Body

      "user": "",
      "pass": "PASSWORD",
      "service": "AgeMatch5.0.{CountryName}",
      "reference": "12345",
            "ln": "Miller",
            "addr1": "123 Main St",
            "addr2": "TORONTO",
            "addr3": "ON",
            "zip": "M4B 1B3",
            "dob": "19740821",
            "international_id": "854125698",
            "phone": "2015106000",
            "age": "21+",
            "test_key": "international_pass"

Action and Detail Responses

The following are all values that will be returned in the result object of the response.

Service Testing

When the test_key is provided the system will dynamically drop the live data sources and use the testing database. These transactions are free of charge. To access live data do not send this attribute. Here are available test cases for the international service:

The above are all "canned responses", so the target input will not matter if a valid test key is provided.


AgeMatch International will process with the following rules by default

The base ruleset will return a PASS when:

  • A match is found

  • The target meets the minimum age requirement

The base ruleset will return a FAIL when:

  • No Match Found

  • The target's age has not been verified

  • The service can not be completed

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