Create Token

The Create Token process is designed to generate a unique token to be used in the frontend of the iFrame solution in order to identify your site and settings to Veratad.
Create Token
IMPORTANT: The token is only good for 6 hours. It is recommended that you generate a new token on each iFrame request.

Request Body

"user": "USERNAME",
"pass": "PASSWORD",
"age": "21+",
"rules": "DCAMS5_0_RuleSet_NAME_DOB",
"store_on": "FAIL",
"company_name_for_email": "Company ABC",
"email_logo_link": "",
"email_logo_height": "50",
"email_logo_width": "80",
"dcams_manual_rules": "DCAMS5_0_Manual_Review_RuleSet_NAME_DOB"

DCAMS+ & DCAMS+REVIEW Matching Rules

When processing a scan or a manual review you can define what elements from your customer parameters must match the information found on the document provided.
If you send DCAMS5_0_RuleSet_NAME_DOB this means that the Name and Date of Birth from your customer's parameters must match the Name and Date of Birth found on the document.
If you leave this value empty then NO matching rules will be used.
Here are the available DCAMS+ rule sets:
  • DCAMS5_0_RuleSet_NAME_DOB
  • DCAMS5_0_RuleSet_NAME
  • DCAMS5_0_RuleSet_NAME_ADDR
Here are the available DCAMS+REVIEW rule sets:
  • DCAMS5_0_Manual_Review_RuleSet_NAME_DOB
  • DCAMS5_0_Manual_Review_RuleSet_NAME