Canned Responses

The iFrame allows you to get a canned response when using the below last name values in your iFrame build.

NOTE: This will only work if your site has testing_mode active. Talk to your Veratad representative about activating this feature.

If you do not send one of the below last name values then the frame will treat the transaction as if it were live.

Available Cases

Here is an example with one of the canned response last names:

     veratadModal = new veratad.modal({
              region: "United States",
              region_select: true, 
              fn: "John", 
              ln: "dcamspluspass", // set the last name to one of the value below. 
              addr: "123 Main St", 
              city: "Stratford", 
              state: "CT", 
              zip: "12345", 
              dob: "19880212", 
              email: "",
              reference: "tery745f",
              token: token,

Here are the possible values and description:

The cases for dcamsplusfailmanualpass and dcamsplusfailmanualfail will only work if you have Veratad manual review active.

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