Details on how to test the system

How does testing work?

Each Veratad service comes with a target attribute called test_key. This attribute tells the system that the transaction is for testing purposes. Once the system knows that it is a test it will drop the live data and other verification sources and use a fake database with known data values.

Do I need to change my endpoint?

No. The endpoint, service name and user credentials all stay the same when testing.

Is testing free?

Yes. Whenever the test_key attribute is sent with a valid value then those transactions are not billable.

It is important to follow the testing instructions when integrating. Transactions that are not sent as test are billable to your company.

Do services have different test cases and methods?

Yes. Check your specific service documentation for exact testing instructions. In some cases the responses are canned, and so, regardless of input you will receive a known response. This is not true of all services, and so, in some cases when you send the key the system will run it through the normal verification checks so you can manipulate responses based on your target inputs.

Are there any services that I am unable to test?

Yes. Services like PhoneMatch5.0.SMS where you need to send an OTP to a real phone is impossible to test without using the live service. Please consult with your Veratad representative on this as they will allot you a certain amount of free live transactions for testing.

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