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The Veratad IDresponse API is accessible via RESTful HTTPS JSON requests exposing solutions that are used for verification processes.

What services are available?

Veratad offers many services to verify your customer's age and identity. These services include age and identity verification through trusted and verified data source matching, knowledge based authentication to quiz your customer on their identity, identity document scanning and management, phone/email verification and validation and one-time password delivery via SMS and call.

If you are having trouble deciding which service to use for your business the best place to start is a consultation with your Veratad Professional Services Team Member. They will be happy to discuss your business objectives and guide you in the right service direction. If you do not know your team member just drop an email to support@veratad.com.


Age verification service that matches customer attributes against trusted and verified data sources to determine their age.

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Identity verification service that matches customer input data against trusted and verified data sources.

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What's the difference between AgeMatch and IDMatch?

This is a common question and one that your Veratad Professional Services team member can help you answer. See this link below for a more in depth explanation of Veratad Services.

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Identity verification with a knowledge based authentication quiz based on trusted and verified data sources.

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DCAMS (Document Capture and Management System) is Veratad's full suite of tools that will allow you to scan, store, match a selfie and manually review identity documents.

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Phone verification service that allows you to verify, validate and send OTP via SMS and call for phone numbers.

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Email address verification and validation services that allow you to verify, validate email addresses.

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Best Practices

Check out Veratad Best Practices for helpful hints and guidance for a successful integration.

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