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This is how we authenticate your request.
API queries for all services will be authenticated by including your username and password in the body of the POST request.
"user": "USERNAME",
"pass": "PASSWORD",
"service": "AgeMatch5.0",
"reference": "12345 {A UNIQUE ID}",
"rules": "AgeMatch5_0_RuleSet_YOB_SSN",
"ln": "Miller",
"addr": "123 Main St",
"city": "Stratford",
"state": "CT",
"zip": "06614",
"dob": "19740821",
"ssn": "854125698",
"phone": "2015106000",
"email": "[email protected]",
"age": "21+",
"test_key": "general_identity"
If you do not have your API credentials please contact your company administrator or send an email to [email protected]