Generate Link

The iFrame has the capacity to handle an end-user through a direct link. Through this API call you can retrieve a link for a user or send the link in an email if desired.

POST https://dcams.appv3/stable/link/generate

This endpoint allows you generate a direct link to an iFrame instance and send the user an email if desired.

Request Body

    "action": "PASS",
    "detail": "Link Generated",
    "link": "",
    "email_sent": true,
    "error_message": "",
    "error_description": ""

The other body parameters can be found in the iFrame instructions. All of the fields below are the same fields that you would set when creating an iFrame instance via the JS code.

Sample Request Body

You must provide a valid token when making this API call. So, make sure you retrieve your token first and then set it here.

    "additionalData": "{\"value_1\":\"test1\",\"value_2\":\"test2\"}",
    "addr": "123 Main Street",
    "city": "Stratford",
    "dob": "19880621",
    "email": "",
    "language": "es",
    "fn": "Steve",
    "ln": "Smith",
    "reference": "12345-test",
    "international": "false",
    "state": "CT",
    "styleToken": "",
    "token": "e55da960-29cd-4f6c-8546-239f0c9a5456",
    "verificationErrorAlreadyVerifiedSubTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorAlreadyVerifiedTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorPendingSubTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorPendingTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorTokenSubTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorTokenTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorVelocitySubTitle": "",
    "verificationErrorVelocityTitle": "",
    "verificationFailureSubTitle": "",
    "verificationFailureTitle": "",
    "verificationSuccessSubTitle": "",
    "verificationSuccessTitle": "",
    "zip": "06614",
    "options": {
        "send_email": true


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