The Veratad Audit API is designed to retrieve an audit trail of all transactions processed on a specific day. Please note that data for a particular day is available only on the next calendar day after 7 am EST.

Base URL:


To authenticate, you'll need the user and pass for the audit trail you want to inquire about.

Audit Trail Endpoint

POST /api/audit

Fetches an audit trail of transactions for a specified day.

Request Parameters




Your API username



Your API password




Request Example

  "user": "yourUsername",
  "pass": "yourPassword",
  "day": "YYYY-MM-DD"


The response is a JSON object containing a data field, which is an array of transaction objects.

Response Fields

  • data: An array of transaction objects

  • id: Transaction ID

  • timestamp: Timestamp of the transaction

  • service: Service utilized

  • reference: Reference code

  • user: User who initiated the transaction

  • company: Company name

  • origin: Origin IP

  • path: API path

  • flags: Flags (e.g., test, error)

  • action: Resulting action

  • detail: Additional details

  • issues: Any issues encountered (array)

  • inputs: Extra input fields

  "data": [
      "id": 157929511,
      "timestamp": "2023-09-09T23:59:54",
      // additional fields here
    // additional transactions here

Error Handling

The API could return various errors depending on the situation. Below are the types of errors and their corresponding JSON bodies and HTTP status codes:

Bad Credentials - HTTP Status Code: 401 Unauthorized

      "error": "Unauthorized",
      "message": "Invalid username or password."

Data Not Ready - HTTP Status Code: 404 Not Found

      "error": "Data Not Ready",
      "message": "Data for the requested day is not yet available."

Day Not Available - HTTP Status Code: 404 Not Found

      "error": "Day Not Available",
      "message": "Data for the specified day is not available."

Invalid Date Format - HTTP Status Code: 400 Bad Request

      "error": "Invalid Date Format",
      "message": "Date should be in YYYY-MM-DD format."

Server Error - HTTP Status Code: 500 Internal Server Error

      "error": "Server Error",
      "message": "An internal server error occurred."

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